What were the Biggest Concerts to Save the Environment?

What were the Biggest Concerts to Save the EnvironmentEven though it is a lot more popular today to be “green” than it ever used to be in the past, the truth of the matter is that celebrities, musicians, and some of the biggest entertainers on the planet have always been environmentally conscious – many of them hosting gigantic events designed specifically to help support environmental activities, causes, and charities.

Here are just some of the most impactful, some of the most memorable, and some of the most influential concerts designed specifically to help save the environment!

Live Earth

Probably the biggest of all the environmental concerts, this concert (or, more accurately, this series of concerts) was held on July 7, 2007 and featured more than 150 musical acts across 11 global venues.

These concerts were broadcast all over the world via TV, radio, and online streaming services, and were also attended in person by millions and millions of people all over the world. Founded by Al Gore and Kevin Wall, these concerts were designed specifically to raise awareness of climate change and to help combat the negative effects that climate change had on our planet.

Though there has been talk about breathing new life into this series of concerts, nothing has come of it just yet.

Earth Day Celebrations

Every year, billions of people all over the world celebrate Earth Day, with many of them hosting gigantic concerts at venues across the planet.

These concerts range from small intimate get-togethers to those that are hosted in gigantic stadiums and arenas which are equipped with massive DJ speakers, with the overwhelming majority of them controlling at least some of the proceeds to environmental charities around the planet.

Earth Day Celebrations have become some of the most popular festivals and concerts each year, with many of them designed specifically to raise even more awareness about the environmental impact that we all have on our planet every day.

Burning Man

While not specifically a concert or festival designed to save the environment, the bulk of attendees at Burning Man are serious about lessening their environmental footprint, raising awareness about green initiatives, and finding new ways to improve our world.

On top of that, everything that makes its way to be Burning Man Festival must be removed at the conclusion of the festivities. This makes this concert and this festival one of the greenest on the planet, and it’s only becoming even more environmentally friendly as time goes on.

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