Reasons to Avoid the Use of Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel

We are living in a highly busy world, where energy has become an imminent thing. From a simple electric toaster to a big water heater or automobile, energy has been used extensively. In fact, we can say that the world has evolved to this stage due to plenty of inventions and innovations that use-up fossil fuel.

Fossil fuel is nothing but gas or coal, which is formed due to the natural decomposition of living organisms. The dead plants and animals that were buried and remained in the earth for millions of years are mostly available as fossil fuel. One should remember that fossil fuel will not be available for centuries. It would be depleted or exhausted at one point of time in future.

At present, the fossil fuels have been used extensively for producing electricity in grids, fuels, etc. According to some studies, it has been found that all the fossil fuels in the world would be exhausted by 2052. The exhausting of fossil fuel not only puts everyday life in jeopardy but also causes risks to the earth’s environment. Therefore, it is high time we think of using energy resources, which are green, natural and renewable.

The technological advancement in recent years has helped man to find out different ways of generating renewable resources like sunlight, wind, air, biogas, etc. The combustion of fossil fuel has resulted in enormous and increasing levels of air and atmospheric pollution. When burned, fossil fuel emits a lot of bad gas like carbon monoxide. The excessive presence this gas makes the sunlight to get trapped in the atmosphere, thereby causing a global warming effect. Due to this effect, the earth’s temperature has increased resulting in extremely hot weather, which causes death of plants and animals, and also melting of ice and snow in the glaziers and mountains. These are some of the strong reasons why it is imperative that we use alternative energy sources and say no to fossil fuel.

Difference between Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources

Non-Renewable Energy Resources

Law of physics states, that energy can be neither created nor destroyed and it can only be converted, from one form to another form. Right now, a majority of the energy we use in our daily life is generated from fossil fuel only. For example, the electricity we obtain from the grid is produced with the help of fossil fuel called coal. There is a huge amount of coal that is used by the electricity grids to produce electricity. During the process of generating electricity from coal, there is also a higher amount of combustion gas that is released into the atmosphere.

The fuels like petrol, diesel, and gasoline are some of the fossil fuels that are used as energy sources for automobiles and machinery. The kind of energy, which have been mentioned so far are referred are non-renewable energy as they are not finite and may go depleted or exhausted in future. The non-renewable energy is very expensive because there is a huge amount of labour involved in processing this energy for practical use. For example, a lot of machines and labourers are involved in extracting the fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy.

The reason green or renewable energies are very cheap is there is not much labour or physical efforts involved in generating this energy. For example, solar energy can be used for generating electricity by installing solar panels and other hardware in your home. Once your have installed the solar energy panels, you can use them for many years without any additional labour and other related costs.

Therefore, you can save much money by using the renewable energy. So, just explore the ways for using renewable energy for your home or property.