Can an ATV Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Using ATV is a good alternative to regular vehicles. It is flexible but it doesn’t cause too much pollution. In fact, there are hybrid ATVs available today, which limits the use of gas as the vehicle is rechargeable. In many ways, you can help solve environmental problems with the help of an ATV.

Just make sure you keep the ATV clean all the time. It is important that you have rust and dirt removed as they could also affect plants and animals. Rusty ATVs, for instance, could have negative effects on animals.

Once you are done cleaning or repairing the ATV, make sure that you observe the proper way of disposing of certain items. You can’t just throw away batteries and other chemicals in regular bins. They might not be disposed of properly. As a result, more animals could be harmed. You might even accidentally leave them in your place and you put your kids in danger. Besides, you might also be heavily fined if you don’t follow the proper way of disposing of these items. Once your local government has found out your violation, you could be in deep trouble. You might even end up not being allowed to use your vehicle again. You have to be extra careful.

Another way of reducing your carbon footprint by using an ATV is to just follow the designated trail. They were designed in such a way that they won’t be consuming too much energy or destroying other organisms along the way. There are no entry zones that you should also respect to avoid killing plants and animals that may be vulnerable.

The good thing is that you will see the best value ATV in the future. These vehicles will be designed even better. Studies were conducted to help promote ATVs that are more environment-friendly. They can be used for regular activities and even on difficult roads. Therefore, if you are thinking of switching to ATV, it is a great decision. In doing so, you become an instrument for fighting global warming.

Considering how much vehicles today pollute the environment, you have to start searching for greener options.

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Why Drones Could Help Save the Environment

Why Drones Could Help Save the EnvironmentCould drones really help save the environment? This is a question that throws a lot of people off guard, largely because they simply haven’t thought of such a thing yet. After all, drones are still relatively new and all of the different ways that they can be used have not been explored, not by any means whatsoever. Currently, a lot of people use drones just for fun but the truth is, they can be used for so many different applications that no one has even managed to touch the surface of this subject as of yet. One of the ways that they can be used it to help protect the environment.

Scientists typically do a lot of research when it comes to looking at things like global warming, the levels of the tides or weather cycles in certain areas. It should not come as a huge surprise that drones can be effectively used for a lot of these types of research activities. In fact, they make a perfect fit for this sort of thing because of their small size and their ability to get into remote areas where people have a difficult time traveling. As a result, they can be used to obtain a lot of information that might not otherwise be readily available to researchers. This by itself is of paramount importance because it has the potential to provide researchers with new data that they might not have seen in the past.

In addition, drones can be effectively used to examine certain areas in order to see whether or not pollution is getting better or worse. According to quadcopter reviews, specific models be fitted with a number of sensors that make them capable of detecting virtually anything. As such, they can be used to monitor conditions in certain areas where pollution has been a problem in the past. Furthermore, they can help alert researchers to potentially new problems that have not existed before. All of this helps people better monitor the environment and keep track of what is going on around them. This in turn helps experts enhance the level of protection they can provide to the environment through cleanup efforts or efforts to curb global warming, all because of the information that was sent to them through the use of drones.

Another way that drones can help the environment is by allowing people to get information about something without
utilizing large aircraft that pollute the air even more. Put it in the context of a news helicopter that is flying over a scene. A drone can capture similar pictures but it doesn’t use fuel that can potentially contaminate the atmosphere and harm the environment. While it is not possible to use drones for every instance when a full size aircraft has been traditionally used, it is possible to do so in some cases. This has the same effect on the planet as driving fewer cars that are more fuel efficient. It is one of the first steps in protecting the environment and making the necessary changes to ensure that it remains protected for the next several generations.

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What were the Biggest Concerts to Save the Environment?

What were the Biggest Concerts to Save the EnvironmentEven though it is a lot more popular today to be “green” than it ever used to be in the past, the truth of the matter is that celebrities, musicians, and some of the biggest entertainers on the planet have always been environmentally conscious – many of them hosting gigantic events designed specifically to help support environmental activities, causes, and charities.

Here are just some of the most impactful, some of the most memorable, and some of the most influential concerts designed specifically to help save the environment!

Live Earth

Probably the biggest of all the environmental concerts, this concert (or, more accurately, this series of concerts) was held on July 7, 2007 and featured more than 150 musical acts across 11 global venues.

These concerts were broadcast all over the world via TV, radio, and online streaming services, and were also attended in person by millions and millions of people all over the world. Founded by Al Gore and Kevin Wall, these concerts were designed specifically to raise awareness of climate change and to help combat the negative effects that climate change had on our planet.

Though there has been talk about breathing new life into this series of concerts, nothing has come of it just yet.

Earth Day Celebrations

Every year, billions of people all over the world celebrate Earth Day, with many of them hosting gigantic concerts at venues across the planet.

These concerts range from small intimate get-togethers to those that are hosted in gigantic stadiums and arenas which are equipped with massive DJ speakers, with the overwhelming majority of them controlling at least some of the proceeds to environmental charities around the planet.

Earth Day Celebrations have become some of the most popular festivals and concerts each year, with many of them designed specifically to raise even more awareness about the environmental impact that we all have on our planet every day.

Burning Man

While not specifically a concert or festival designed to save the environment, the bulk of attendees at Burning Man are serious about lessening their environmental footprint, raising awareness about green initiatives, and finding new ways to improve our world.

On top of that, everything that makes its way to be Burning Man Festival must be removed at the conclusion of the festivities. This makes this concert and this festival one of the greenest on the planet, and it’s only becoming even more environmentally friendly as time goes on.

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Why self-balancing scooters could save energy

energyThat the odds are pretty good that you recently seen someone cruising around on an electric overboard, zipping this way and almost effortlessly on top of their self balancing scooter.

A transportation technology that has absolutely exploded in popularity in just the last two or three moths, self balancing scooters have quickly caught on in the young professional and student communities, and are just now starting to “leak out” into the general population, so to speak. If you want to get one for yourself then be sure to read plenty of reviews to find the best self balancing scooter and avoiding some Chinese junk.

Effortless to control and providing a tremendous amount of big transportation benefits (it sure beats walking, that’s for sure), it’s easy to see why so many people have decided to jump on board the self balancing scooter bandwagon – but it’s the energy efficiency and energy saving benefits that keeps people on the ride for the long haul.

Self balancing scooters cut down on fossil fuel costs dramatically

Because self balancing scooters almost universally run off of advanced lithium-ion battery technology, they aren’t going to consume fossil fuels in the way that traditional transportation methods would.

Instead of having to fill up your gas tank every week to take care of your daily commute, you’ll instead only have to plug in the cord of yourself balancing scooter each and every night, and then have a day’s worth of energy to step around at your leisure.

The more cars we are able to get off of the road, the better we are going to be able to reverse the impact that we as human beings have had on the environment – and the sooner that we are able to do so, the better.

These vehicles don’t have the range of traditional gasoline transportation methods, but for the urban commute, they cannot be beat in the fuel efficiency department. It’s tough to top a vehicle that has unlimited miles per gallon since it runs off of electricity!

Self balancing scooters will help YOU save energy as well!

You’re also going to be able to conserve quite a bit of energy by cruising around on these self balancing scooters as opposed to having to walk all over town.

You’re still going to be able to get quite a bit of a workout in (after all, you’re going to be controlling the self balancing scooter with your feet), but you aren’t going to have to worry about wearing yourself out every time you decide to cruise around the block.


How Gyms Can Use The Energy From Their Exercise Machines To Produce Electricity

gym-electricityWith global climate change bringing about worldwide concerns regarding fossil fuel consumption and CO2 production, entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for ways to cut down on fuel use while still generating the electricity we rely on every day.  Ranging from common sense to completely outlandish, these possible solutions bring with them the potential for a more efficient society.

One place where you might not think to find innovation is in your local gym.  However, as a British gym just outside of Bristol has demonstrated, exercise machines can be utilised to produce electricity.  So, is this a common sense solution or completely outlandish?  Lets take a moment to review the science and practical application of this in the real world.

The Production Of Power

Get on a mounted bike, and what do you do?  Well, if you are looking to lose weight or stay healthy, then your start pedalling.  The pedalling motion is considered a form of work that if harness correctly, can be utilised to generate power and power a battery.  From there, this electricity can be shared throughout the gym, lowering the overall power costs of the gym.  Bikes are not the only gym equipment that this works with.  Treadmills, elliptical, and more work under a similar theory where electrical generation comes directly from you working out your muscles. Surprisingly the best rowing machines tend to produce the most, like the Concept2 Model D.

Does This Work In The Real World?

On a small scale, you can already see this technology in place.  Many stationary exercise equipment require peddling to turn on and then use the electricity generated by the movement to power the display.  However, if you stop peddling, then you may notice that screen shut off after less then a minute.  While using exercise to produce energy is not a problem, finding ways to store the energy and transfer it out of the machine have.

Simply put, this technology does work and there are examples of it.  What is required however for this to work is the right equipment, which can be expensive, especially if you are building your gym from scratch.  However, as the costs of electricity continue to go up, the energy saved through this gym technology may make it the preferred way of saving power in the future.  As a final note, advancements in the underlying technology have been making equipment in gyms more and more affordable, so keep an eye open as this equipment may be coming to a gym near you.

Why the planet is being destroyed for coffee growing

coffee-plantationCoffee has become a part of many people’s daily routine.  The aroma and taste in the moment of the first sip is its own kind of experience, one which countless people can’t or don’t want to do without.  While the west has had a love affair with coffee (see AllGreatCoffee) for quite some time, few people who drink coffee know about its production outside of it coming from warmer and more tropical climates.  Safely removed from its production, few coffee drinkers realise just how much damage is being done to the environment thanks to the growth of coffee beans.  Lets take a moment to review the frightening possibility of why the planet is being destroyed for coffee growers.

The Costs Of A Cup Of Coffee

Every day, nearly 70 million cups of coffee are consumed.  The coffee you consume comes from a limited number of coffee producers, including Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Columbia.  Coffee can be produced in one of two ways.  The first kind is canopy coffee.  This is coffee in how it is traditionally grown, under the canopy of larger trees.  This version of coffee production ensures that the soil stays relatively healthy and in place, reducing erosion.  The main problem with this form of coffee production is that few places that produce coffee for outside markets use this technique.

The second form of coffee production is called sun grown coffee.  In this case, coffee is grown on plantations where chemical fertilizers are used to try and keep the soil productive.  While creating a lot of problems like erosion, these plantations often involve destroying natural habitats to satisfy an ever-increasing demand.  When the land is no longer fertile, growers move on, destroying more wilderness to continue growing.  Slowly and surely, land is being taken away and used to create coffee, only to be left relatively arid and lifeless.

The Issue With Fair-Trade Coffee

Fair-Trade coffee is an excellent system.  It ensure that individuals are paid a fair amount for the coffee they grow, limiting the potential for exploitation of workers on large scale plantations.  However, fair-trade does not get into the management of the land or ecological destruction that is occurring because of coffee growing.  As a result, additional measures are required in order to address this growing problem.

The Question Of Why

Simply put, the planet is being destroyed for coffee growers because there is an incredible market for coffee beans.  We, along with the people around us, continue to purchase coffee, raising the prices and increasing the demand.  One of the best ways to stop this ecological harm is to change how we consume coffee, and begin pushing towards better growth methods.  The question we should be considering is whether or not we want to live with more expensive coffee.  Even if it saves the environment, it may be a hard sell for some.

Why You Should Turn to Renewable Energy?

non-renewable coal

Both governments and environmentalists are urging people to utilize renewable energy. As the name says, renewable energy is a kind of energy which can be renewed and does not deplete in the future. For example, the fuel or energy obtained from coal and crude oil is considered as non-renewable energy as the coal and crude oil cannot be renewed and would get depleted after several years of use. On the other hand, the energy obtained from sunlight is called renewable energy as the sunlight does not get depleted.

There are many strong reasons, why you should start considering about utilizing the renewable energy. Using renewable energy like coal and crude oil involves the emission of pollution causing smoke like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Today, extensive utilization of non-renewable energy accounts to a huge amount of environmental pollution. But this is not the case when you are using renewable energy as they are very clean and safe to the environment. For example, solar gas obtained from the sunlight does emit non-polluting gas.

coal renewable energy

Though the initial cost of using renewable energy may be quite expensive, they can save money in a long run. For example, the cost of setting solar panels may be expensive, but the electricity produced by the solar panels is very cheap than conventional electricity. You do not need to think about paying hefty monthly electricity bills for using the renewable energy.

Nowadays, the government is offering tax benefits to people who are using green or sustainable energy. It means you can save your tax money considerably. Your home can utilize renewable energy source in different ways like solar energy, biogas, wind energy, etc. To find out the best renewable energy options for your home, you need to find a good company, which can provide green energy ideas. Using green energy not only helps to save your money but also the planet Earth.

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What are the Types of Renewable Energy?

non-renewable energy coal

Many people have understood the importance of green energy, and they want to know the options for using the same. There are different forms of green energy available today, and you can choose to use any of it, whichever is suitable for you. Now, let us briefly look into the different kinds of green energy.

Solar energy is the most popular and well-utilized type of green energy these days. Solar energy, as we all know, is the energy obtained from the sunlight. Here, the natural light energy is converted into electrical energy. The solar panels are installed on the roof of the house, and it absorbs the sunlight required for producing electricity.

Biomass energy is a kind of energy that is obtained from the biological waste such as food waste, decayed fruits, vegetables, etc. Biomass energy allows people to use the fuel for cooking and heating inside the home without using fuel like LPG. One can install a simple biogas plant inside the home to receive the natural biogas most of the days. This offers homeowners to have an independent source of energy.

Wind energy

Wind energy is all about utilizing the force of the natural wind. To obtain this energy, one has to install wind turbine that turns with the force of the wind, thus generating mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is then converted into electrical energy.

Wave energy is a kind of energy that is obtained the waves of the ocean. Here, the energy generated by the ocean is converted into electrical energy.

The above given are some of the few types of renewable energies, and other popular types include tidal energy, geothermal energy, and hydro-electrical energy.

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The Significant Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Burning Wood Pellets. Wood pellets are a type of wood fuel.

The rise of industries, automobiles, and other technologies has significantly contributed to heavy environmental pollution. The factories not only emit smokes but also flush out chemical waste to land and water bodies, thus causing water and land pollution. The increasing number of automobiles has caused severe air pollution throughout the world. A huge amount of fossil fuels are used for generating electricity in the grids. Constant use of fossil fuels has considerably reduced the fossil fuel source throughout the world. These are some of the reasons you should think about using green energy which uses up not the depleting resources but recurring ones.

Green energy is something opposite to the energy generated by fossil fuels. This type of energy is obtained from the sources that do not deplete with use. For example, wind energy, and sunlight energy are some of the kinds of renewable energies. Now, let us briefly look into the advantages of using renewable energy.

green meadow with Wind turbines generating electricity

The biggest advantage of using green energy is that they do not cause pollution like the energies obtained by conventional means. It is obtained without the use of carbon materials found in the fossil fuels. Therefore by using renewable energy, you indirectly help to reduce environmental pollution.

In recent days, the effect of global warming has been heavily discussed in many conferences. The increase in global warming has simply increased the risk of glazier melting and has also lead to the increase in the quantum of fresh water flow into the ocean. There are many reasons for the cause of global warming. One of the main reasons for global warming is the extensive use of non-renewable sources, which resulted in the emission of a huge amount of carbon gasses.

By using the energy from renewable sources, you would save your money, personal health and also planet Earth in the long run. If you want to know the options for utilizing green energy, you can check with any of the green consultants, who specialize in offering advice related to green/renewable energy.

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How to Make your Home More Energy Efficient and Green?

Energy Efficient and Green

As a responsible homeowner, you always want to make your home energy efficient and want to save money on your energy/utility bills. Though you may be very conscious of operating the electrical/electronic appliances, it does not reduce the overall energy cost significantly. Making your home energy efficient requires a lot of smart planning.

Having good windows is very important to make a home energy efficient. Good windows can allow the sunlight to pass into your home, thereby minimizing the needs for light bulbs during the day time. Properly installed windows can also prevent the entry of cold draft inside the home during the winter season, thereby minimizing the need for heating and ventilation system.

Sunlight is a renewable energy as it does not deplete by any means. By installing solar panels on the roof of your home, you can operate various electrical/electronic appliances using the solar energy rather than the electricity produced by grids. Though installing solar panels could be an expense, they can actually save a huge amount of money in a long run. The solar energy is absolutely pollution free, and therefore, you also save the environment.

Like sunlight, the wind and air are also highly renewable energies. You can install some wind turbine/power turbine on your property for electricity generation. The wind turbine rotates due to the motion of the wind, which helps in producing electricity.

Setting up a small biogas plant inside your property, you can avoid the need for using LPG gas or other fossil fuel for your cooking and heating purpose. Biogas plant produces flammable gas by using the decays of foods, fruits, vegetables, etc.

You can install a solar panel and other green energy plants through DIY process. You can browse the Internet to find the DIY tips. There are also many companies and consultants, who can provide the right advice for installing the green energy plant in your home. You will save lots of money by making your home energy efficient.